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Date September 2, 2019 13:30

I'm writing a digital story that I want to include as part of a blog entry under the heading "Deconstructing Skinner Finds Tannenberg" series to describe my conclusions from playing the 1802 Tannenberg at Hebron Lutheran Church in Madison, Virginia this summer, conclusions that will of course inform my future instruments. I was going to write some thoughts from my time with the instrument in brief story sections, but that would ignore the deep historical perspective surrounding the work of David Tannenberg.
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The organ is not like other instruments. Each is not only different from the other, but also has a design that reflects the socio-economic culture and time in which it was built. I won't do scholarly research, but accurately writing my experience with Tannenberg no matter how brief will still take some time and effort.
I do a lot of my reading and writing while at local coffee shops here in Minneapolis. The photo above was taken at Five Watt Coffee just down the road from my workshop on E. Hennepin Avenue.

Posted September 2, 2019 13:30


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In addition to managing my evening and weekend organ building workshop, I also work at the University of Minnesota.

People at the University encouraged me to write about my thoughts and experiences regarding design and engineering as they specifically relate to the work I do in the shop, so I started a blog.

Here I include links to entries about design topics specifically related to pipe organ building.

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