by Steve Panizza


Kindly find here the design premise I call that of a cabinet organ.

Adapted from the pre-industrial country parish organs I found throughout Europe that formed the basis of my earlier work, I base the cabinet organ on a 2' principal stop whose bass pipes trim the facade.

The instrument has a keyboard of 51 notes from C1 to D51. The keyboard stands at piano height. The 4' stop may be a flute or a hybrid flute-principal breaking at tenor-f. The cabinet fits under an 8' ceiling.

I intend the design for non-traditional music performance spaces or liturgical use.

Hohlpfeife Baß 8' (notes 1 - 17) stopped wood

Flaut Diskant 8' (notes 18 - 51)  triangular

Viol Diskant 8' (notes 18 - 48) recycled

Flet-Prestant 4' (notes 1 - 17 Flet, 18-51 Prestant)

Octav 2'

Quint 1 1/3'


51 note manual

uploaded image


uploaded image