by Steve Panizza

Gorham Street is stridently working to commission its first project. Yet lately, we find another project idea that co-occupies our list of assignments.

Therefore, starting with the cabinet organ for collaborative use concept, we offer the possibility of an instrument with a 53-note keyboard and a 27-note pull-down pedal.

The stop list is that found here, roughly based on the third organ I built, an instrument that combined the intimacy of Tannenberg with the color of Clicquot, yet now introduces the mid-nineteenth-century influence of Ducroquet.

We welcome your inquiries.


Basse de Bourdon 8' (notes 1 - 17, stopped wood)

Dessus de Montre de la viole 8' (notes 18 - 53)

Dessus de Flûte du bois 8' (notes 18 - 53 open)

Basse de Prestant 4' (notes 1 - 17)

Dessus de Prestant 4' (notes 18 - 53)

Dessus de Flûte 4' (notes 18 - 53, triangular)


Octavin 2' (notes 1 - 53)

Cymbale III (notes 1 - 53)


53 note manual

27 note pull-down pedal

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uploaded image



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