A Call for Offers

Date April 18, 2020 14:57

My name is Steve Panizza, and I would like to build you a pipe organ. I have a very specific concept in mind, so please read on and let me know what you think as we ride the elevator together.

The removal and storage of my first instrument by Milwaukee organ builder John Miller created an opportunity.  When I first began to seriously think about pursuing life as an independent organ builder out of college, a series of formative influences guided me to develop an understanding of the instrument as something collaborative and sustainable, something I lately refer to as the collaborative classical coffee shop concept. John Miller and I got together a few months ago to talk about our shared ideas, and the concept for a project that we would do together using material sourced from my first instrument began to take hold.

Using my design archives with the goal of repurposing as much material as possible to help lower project cost, I developed a design concept represented by the stop list you will find when reading further down. The renderings that accompany this post provide a visual design based on my build architecture. The stop list I feel, encourages collaborative use.

This entry is therefore a call for offers, that anyone seeking to commission such an instrument will consider the following historically informed example.


uploaded image



An Instrument for Accompaniment and Performance Space Collaboration


Hohlpfeife 8' (notes 1 - 17)

Flauta 8' (notes 18 - 51)

Viol 8' (notes 18 - 51)

Bordun 4' (notes 1 - 17)

Prestant 4' (notes 18 - 51)

Flet 4' (notes 18 - 51)

Octav 2' (notes 1 - 51)

Quint 1 1/3' (notes 1 - 51)


uploaded image


Where preferences can be negotiated, we would love to hear your thoughts. So let us get together and talk further.


Posted April 18, 2020 14:57


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