Common Platform Design

Date June 6, 2021 09:39

A product platform is an engineering design concept used to produce a family of derivatives. More often associated with the automotive industry, the idea finds itself in the organs of the eighteenth-century German organ builder Gottfried Silbermann who built parish organs along similar lines as evidenced, for instance, by his instruments at Großhartmannsdorf, Forchheim, and Rötha.


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I often thought that the third organ I built for the pastor of a church I knew well should provide the basis for similar instruments built from its design. I revised that organ here using its archived design object library and solids model design work from the redesign concept of my first organ conforming to my artist statement.


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Copel 8' (notes 1 - 17)

Principal 8' (notes 18 - 51)

Flauta 8' (notes 18 - 51)

Prestant ßass 4' (notes 1 - 17)

Prestant 4' (notes 18 - 51)

Flet 4' (notes 18 - 51, potentially triangular)

Mixtur III

Posted June 6, 2021 09:39


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